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Amada Lemuria Telos, shares in  Cosmic Gold for the Unity of the New Earth

...We share transmissions received from the intraterrestial City of Light of Telos within Mount Shasta...nt Shasta...
"Telos, Heart of Lemuria"


This is the time of truth.

Ancient treasures of humanity will no longer be hidden from being discovered, in areas such as archeology, politics, social fields, philosophy, all human arts as well as treasures from the heart.

Cities of Light, temples within Mother Earth and its crystals, awaken our Being with their unique Voice.

We switch from living asleep as we did in past times, to being activated souls. We are tuned and able to feel the intimate light of the mother and the subtle wisdom these treasures, which are now spreading over us all.

Thousands of years have passed without these treasures being discovered. And now is the momentum of this awakening. Both humanities, of earth and the Intraterrestrial ones, are meant to walk together in order to promote a higher evolution of our human species. It’s complete awakening of our hearts.

Intraterrestrial humanity honors and refines the Mother from within, hosts and is hosted inside refulgent living Gold from the Light of origin, in unity with all beings and guardians of all kingdoms. It is a great work purely committed to the origin of Union. Lemuria was mainly the first city of spiritual light that settled among humankind at the beginning of this era.  To become conscious creatures about this reality is in of itself an awakening, and an acknowledgment of our species and kind. It is an encounter with the Supreme Self and all pleasure over existence by being who it is, as consciousness and light were manifested there from higher spheres in their most subtle expression. Exempt from the weight and frustration, we carry on when living what we have had to endure when lowering our vibration next to mother Gaia.

It is time to unveil those memories. It is time to intertwine memories and reminders in order to build a sole map of unity.  It is time to recognize that we’re here to love and to be who we are at this very moment, huge messengers and bridges, agents of unity.

The main message from Lemuria was and still is the unity of all kingdoms and consciousness dimensions. This was and is our service and duty, the one we continue to be focused in. Some of you, brothers and sisters, when feeling the subtle loving vibrations coming out from the structures, singings, codes and landscapes as resulting creations from what Telos is giving us now, in order to allow the awakening of all humankind, will fill their hearts imbibed in remembrance, longing for primordial original purity and love. It is time to bring back all this pure love to the present we’ve chosen to live in after centuries of delusion, lack of union and disappointment. Now, all conditions are given to reveal and gift us with a total reconnection of our whole being, in full consciousness of all our spirit and life faculties.  We need to completely heal those wounds and shocking feelings of pending debts with ourselves, of guilt, lack of union, and so on, and to gather ourselves in the present. We’re taking back our pure roots and  background, in order to continue on our path next to Gaia.

Telos is the heart of Lemuria, Intraterrestrial Lemuria. Among the Intraterrestrial Net of Unity- made out of temples located inside Mother Gaia, of Crystals observed by its Guardians, and of Cities of Light in service to the Mother- Telos is the master center for the liberation of the souls towards their Origin’s Unity. And this with all the spiritual technology, all the love and the necessary, careful patience to put us together, one by one, fiber by fiber, cell by cell, tone by tone and step by step. 

Telos is the heart’s matrix from Master Adama, also called Anand. It’s a community and brotherhood of generous beings, created after much individual and collective service to these frequencies of unity inside the mother for thousands of years. They have been through countless steps and have given their help hand-in-hand at all levels and in all ways of consciousness possible to be experienced both from within as well as in their environment. The mountain has switched its own consciousness and tone to host them, support them and help them find themselves through their personal experience while there. It ties together their community, creating with equality, giving themselves into Love and Truth each time at a deeper level, connected with all that exists and surrounds within their existence.

They live together and share in harmony and pure worship with beings of all kingdoms and dimensions celebrating peace. Crystalline growing of families around their children, as their beloved christic seeds, is a central theme among the Community. Upholding the relationship with the Guardians of the place by always giving perfect harmony, as well as the energetic net in layers, bridges and geometries all across the Unity Net of Mother Gaia, are essential matters in Telos.

Communities of dolphins, stellar elves, elementals and a large diversity of animal species that originally entered from ancient Lemuria, are part of their ties of love and creative peace. The unified consciousness of this large unity support is born from Adama’s Heart, Head Lemurian Priest of the White City of Telos. He spread the purpose from the source next to a group of priests under the observance of the Mother, due the coming time of the decline of consciousness. After requesting permission next to Shasta’s mountain and receiving help and teachings from sacred elves, he moved one part of the Lemurian Brotherhood and their deeply ready and committed community to this sacred space that we honor under Mount Shasta. And this with the sole purpose of witnessing and building up evolutionary changes among new humankind and from within Mother Earth, to start matching and putting together, little by little, her frequencies until we meet Her, Mother in its depth of love.

The love we work on here goes together with large cosmic strengths, brotherhood of ascended masters, Unity with subtle and grounded beings from absolutely all consciousness and existence kingdoms. It goes hand-in-hand with internal detailed work from all agents of this brotherhood, having then made arrangements and settings with their community.



Adama says:

“We are guided by the triple christic flame that unveils ancient processes of our hearts and we awaken this consciousness step-by-step crossing through all challenges across thousands of years until meeting today. We are again together, to tie our common settings and to become what we’ve always been, a flame of unity, a huge flame of unity. We are waiting for you, to welcome you, hug you with pure light and deep love vibration that hosts us and heals us. We are here to configure our light fields and our DNA with the purpose of creating this new humanity within ourselves and then be able to walk together. Let us sing together and let us set new arrangements. Let us be part of endless codes of pristine light and love, able to impulse the new path that we’re tracing next to mother Gaia and sentient beings from all kingdoms in order to advance together in service and unity. Holding hands as a huge stand of love and unified consciousness. About the crushing and falling of the vibration on mother earth during the time and actions of our beloved Lemuria, it’s time for us to release those memories, to let go and better love the history of our origin. And therefore, just as the divine gifts us within our christic hearts, we now gift ourselves with the huge opportunity to recognize ourselves as a unified species among humankind and from our origin, in an immense intention of pure love and supreme dignity and beauty. Becoming a Unitarian support for the happiness that we, the Intraterrestrial Net of Unity, have offered from our hearts, we were given the sublime opportunity for building a firm and subtle network with the widest and most constant shape from the divine in our hands. We are building thereby this town of light that everyone from the beginning can visit from a pure heart, enlarging its loving paths by pulsing and fusing our hearts and souls all together, in Unity.”


Haiendra Mu

Outreach Facilitator between kingdoms and sacred dimensions on Mother Gaia                

Telos, inside Mount Shasta, California USA


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